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Can Neural Networks be Trained to Predict the Future?


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Moscow, May 14 – Artificial intelligence has already learned how to perform basic tasks and can replace a person in recognizing fraudulent sites or links, Vladislav Toshkanov, a leading data researcher at Kaspersky Lab, told the News Agency, but is not able to predict the future.
Answering a question about where artificial intelligence can be applied and is already being applied, Toshkanov said that neural networks can be entrusted with some of the basic tasks that are now being performed by junior specialists.

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At the same time, the expert explained that the neural network can only help in the case of the simplest threats, but human participation is still necessary in recognizing more complex threats.
At the same time, Toshkanov cautioned against viewing neural networks as a panacea. “There is a lot of hype around ChatGPT, and now many people think that this is a silver bullet that will solve their problems quickly and easily. But this is a special area, it has been developed for a very long time, and specialists who know how to work with it should contact those who understand how reliably making these decisions, and how to ensure that they are not wrong or wrong in a controlled number of cases.”

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