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Canadian Company Granted Licenses to Conduct Lead and Silver Exploration in Morocco


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Canadian company Trigon Granted has received seven licenses in Morocco to explore for lead and silver in the province of Errachidia in the southeast of the country.

The Canadian company “Trigon Granted” will start prospecting for lead and silver after receiving seven new licenses, in particular, near the Ait Aka region in the province of Errachidia.

The Canadian company said in a statement that “the new permits were obtained as part of the company’s presentation of its ambitious project called (Adana), the name of the famous Adana mountain in the region, for the exploration of lead and silver.”

The company also stated that the exploration area “previously had lead and silver mining operations as high-quality veins are emerging over an area of ​​more than 40 km.”

“Obtaining seven permits is an example of the opportunity to create high-level projects in the Kingdom of Morocco,” said Jed Richardson, CEO of the Canadian company.

He also made it clear that his company is “not sure about the presence of silver and lead deposits on Mount Adana”, stressing that “the company is not completely sure about the existence of the goals that were emphasized in the project.”

Moroccan economic analyst Khaled Benali said: “Excavation can lead to different results, whether it is success in achieving previously set goals or failure in this.”

He added that “the excavation involves many expenses and financial burdens, the responsibility of which lies solely with the earthmoving company, and the companies manage the earthworks, which are initially carried out through preliminary surveys.”

He also explained that “things are going well, since the company’s success in achieving its goals will be positive for everyone, and in case of failure, it alone is responsible.”

Source: Hespress website.

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