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Cars with Kosovo Number Plates in Northern Kosovo Burnt by Serbs.


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In northern Kosovo, cars of local Serbs were set on fire by unidentified persons over the issuance of Kosovo number plates reportedly on Thursday.

A statement stated that the vehicles previously had Serbian registration plates, but the attack took place after they were re-registered with Kosovo number plates, which is an ongoing dispute between the two countries.

“Two cars were set on fire in the north of the country on March 30, and three more cars after midnight on March 31 bore RKS plates belonging to the victims of the Serbian community. Police teams were on the spot immediately to take action with authorized police units.”

The authorities also stated that they have opened an investigation and will provide security for the local population.

In November, Kosovo and Serbia reached an agreement to defuse tensions over Republic of Kosovo license plates, a contentious issue for some citizens, particularly Serbs living in northern Kosovo near the Serbian border. According to the authorities’ estimates, Serbia has handed over illegal license plates for about 10,000 cars in northern Kosovo.

Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia 15 years ago, and the majority of UN members have done so, including the US, UK, France, Germany and Turkey. However, Serbia still considers it its own territory.

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