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Cautionary Advisories for Poultry Meat Manufacturers in Egypt


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Abdel Aziz Al-Sayed, head of the poultry department at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said the situation did not bode well for poultry producers in Egypt.

He pointed out that despite high feed prices, it was out of stock in the first place, adding: “The price of the chicken was £7, then it was £30 because no one wants to raise it again.”

Al-Sayed called on the relevant authorities to intervene promptly in determining fair feed prices in the local market, pointing out that current prices exceed international prices by up to 90%.

Al-Sayed added that the price of white eggs has increased by about two pounds to £97 per dish, up from £95 at the farm gate during yesterday’s trading, while the price of red eggs has also increased by £2 to £98 per dish. dish. dish.

Eggs retail at £107 for a white egg dish and £108 for a red egg dish.

Al-Sayed noted that although the price of white eggs continued to rise during the current week, until the total increase reached 12 pounds in just one week, they are sold at significantly less than their cost of production, expecting further price increases for them. egg prices in the coming period.

Source: Al-Shoruk

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