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Caves of Qud Patch Notes Update Today on January 21, 2023


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A new update has been released for Caves of Qud. You can find all the Game Update details below. Caves of Qud is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

  • Added a new item: transkinetic cuffs.
  • The slynth of the Hydropon can now resettle on Chavvah, the Tree of Life.
  • The bottom level of the rusted archway now consistently builds with an electrical power grid rather than a hydraulic system.
  • Being on fire no longer shows a damage message when the damage amount is zero.
  • Reduced slynth level and gave them more AV.
  • Crypt sitters should be more responsive to attacks.
  • Tillifergaewicz now wears her clay pot and also has an extra one.
  • Certain significant body transformations now change your species.
  • Urn dusters now equip and attack with their ash shovels.
  • Added a couple seats to the Grit Gate library.
  • Leeches are now worms instead of mollusks.
  • Eating luminous hoarshrooms now costs energy.
  • Several creatures that had hands or hands-variants but not a Hands slot now do.
  • Something being coated in neutron flux now results in its immediate explosion.
  • Responsibility for neutron flux explosions is now tracked better.
  • Added new hamsa effects to tartbeard glands and gallbeard glands.
  • The reshaping nook and pad are now rebuilt if destroyed.
  • Dromad [redacted] are no longer uniformly brown.
  • Mopango charioteers now make [redacted] charioteers.
  • The repulsive device now has an associated incantation when chosen for the [redacted].
  • Reduced the chance that extradimensional hunters ambush you inside your [redacted].
  • Tweaked the wording of Wilderness Lore skills to be clearer.
  • Added new descriptions to several creatures.
  • Changed kipper detail color.
  • Changed beetlebum’s color.
  • Fixed a bug that made neutron flux poured or spilled on the ground fail to explode.
  • Fixed a bug that caused using the Spacetime Vortex mutation to undergo two normality checks instead of one.
  • Fixed a bug that made broken power lines sometimes appear working and working power lines sometimes appear broken.
  • Fixed a bug that caused craftmarks to appear in the middle of some partially identified artifact names.
  • Fixed a bug that made shots fired by your point-defense drone incur an action cost on you and interrupt your ongoing actions like Sunder Mind.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dynamic village mayors to become unresponsive after the slynth had settled there for a week.
  • Fixed a bug that gave you the Repair option on your [redacted] if you had the tinkering Repair skill.
  • Fixed a bug that caused non-standard limbs with metachrome to not be eligible for offhand attacks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sub-limbs of extra body parts acquired from the an incantation to not receive metachrome natural weaponry.
  • Fixed a bug that caused reputation giving items equipped to bodies you have released control of to be retained.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the crystal chimes of Chavvah to not comment on the death of Aoyg-No-Longer when it occurred by your hand.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented fungicide from destroying fungal spores.
  • Fixed more instances of music notes appearing in quest texts.
  • Fixed some grammar errors in village histories.
  • Fixed some grammar errors in Two-Headed shake off messages.
  • [debug] When The Golem quest has been completed, any subsequently wished-in mounds now have a ‘Build’ option available to construct it.

Source: Steam

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