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Character Artwork for Season 17 of Apex Legends’s “Ballistic” has been Leaked Online


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Online leaks have revealed the concept art for the forthcoming legend Ballistic for Season 17 of Apex Legends.

Character Artwork for Season 17 of Apex Legends's Ballistic has been Leaked Online_

The most recent pictures on Reddit display a variety of ideas for the upcoming legend, which is thought to be called Ballistic. The character has been mentioned in leaks going back to Season 13, but we have just recently had a chance to see his look.

It appears to be an older man with grey hair, wearing shades and a long jacket with a shirt, waistcoat, and tie. While it’s important to remember that leaked facts can alter before the character is fully released, it’s thought that he is an arms dealer with tight ties to the Apex Games.

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Ballistic has previously been the subject of leaks that have revealed details about his in-game skills. Among these is the non-attached passive ability to carry a third weapon. His strategic shot weakens adversaries, making their weapons overheat if fired too quickly.

Last but not least, Ballistic’s Ultimate is a buff that fills his third weapon slot with the best stats and attachments. Moreover, it speeds up reloading and movement while giving his squad unlimited ammunition.

Character Artwork for Season 17 of Apex Legends's B allistic has been Leaked Online_

Ballistic is increasingly likely to appear in Apex Legends Season 17 as more information about the character and his skills becomes public. Although there is no set a date for the beginning of that season, it is anticipated to begin in May.

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