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Cheerleader who broke the heart of Roma legend gets embarrassed!


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The story of Italian student Martha, whose father decided not to attend her graduation ceremony at the university next Wednesday and chose to travel to Budapest for the Europa League final, has sparked controversy on social media.

A few days ago, Marta said on a radio program on Rai Radio, “My name is Marta and I want to say something that hurts me. I’m graduating next Wednesday, but my father won’t be attending graduation because he told me he found tickets for the Europa League final between Rome and Sevilla in Budapest.”

The girl expressed her pain because “the question of her graduation is second only to a football match” for her 60-year-old father.

The story quickly spread across social networks, with calls to both the father and the girl to understand each other and put themselves in each other’s shoes.

Interestingly, Daniele De Rossi, one of the legends of Rome, revealed that he would not attend the final because it coincided with the graduation ceremony of his daughter Gaia.

Rossi said on social media: “Roma invited me to the final and unfortunately I had to refuse. When it’s time for a piece of your heart to come out, you can’t miss it.”

The Puskás Arena in Budapest will be the scene of the final between Sevilla and Roma next Wednesday, which will not only be a title match, but also a qualifying match for next season’s Champions League.

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