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Cheesecake Gets a 3D Printing Treatment by Scientists


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Making cheesecake is not easy. And first you need to decide on its basis, since some use cookies for this purpose.

And others bake themselves, with the addition of nuts. Then you need to beat the curd cheese with cream well, add berries or chocolate chips to taste, bake for a long time, and then cool.

In general, it is clear that the process of preparing a cheesecake will take some time. And here the scientists decided to make the task easier for the cooks. They were able to “bake” a cheesecake using a 3D printer.

In an article published in the journal Nature, mechanical engineers at Columbia University describe the mechanics of making cheesecakes in 7 different shapes. Jams and syrups for fruit toppings became 3D printed inks, and candies were layered in the same way as layers of architecture.

Scientists expect that the technology of three-dimensional production of cheesecake will be launched soon.


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