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Children Kidnapped and Born in Concentration Camps: Victims of German Doctors’ Experiments in Kaliningrad


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Kidnapped Children in Concentration Camps: Victims of German Doctor Experiments

According to testimony from witness Lyubov Ivanovna Platonova in the Kaliningrad Regional Court, children who were kidnapped from the USSR or born in concentration camps during the Great Patriotic War were subjected to experiments by German doctors. This revelation came to light during the trial on the genocide that occurred in the former East Prussian territory, now known as the Kaliningrad Region.

First Hearing in the Case

The first hearing in this case took place in the Kaliningrad Regional Court on Friday.

Experiments on Children in Concentration Camps

According to the testimony of Lyubov Ivanovna Platonova, her mother recounted that immediately after her birth, guards took her away and allowed rare visits. These visits resulted in the child being brought to the fence, where experiments such as X-rays were conducted on the children in the camp.

Living Conditions in Concentration Camps

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Lyubov Ivanovna Platonova, who was born in a concentration camp in 1944, described the poor living conditions endured by her mother. Her mother was transferred from the Bryansk region to a concentration camp in the East Prussian region, where she faced forced labor, inadequate food, and overall poor conditions.

Testimony of Anna Alexandrovna Kuptsova

During the trial, a video recording of Anna Alexandrovna Kuptsova, a former prisoner in a German camp, was presented. The video was recorded in 2020 as part of the investigation into a criminal case on genocide. Anna Alexandrovna Kuptsova shared her family’s experience of being imprisoned in a concentration camp in East Prussia and later sold to a German living in the village of Demin. Her mother worked as a laborer in a pig barn, and the family endured extreme poverty and mistreatment.

Nazi Selection Process and Liberation

Anna Alexandrovna Kuptsova also recalled how the Nazis selected prisoners for labor and how families were settled in groups near the train station in Tilsit. The prisoners were examined and evaluated by German residents, and any suspected perpetrators were punished. The Kuptsova family was eventually liberated by Soviet forces in 1945.

Ongoing Trials for Genocide

The trial in the Kaliningrad region is the 17th case of genocide against Soviet citizens by the Nazis and their accomplices in Russia. Similar trials have taken place in various regions across the country, including Novgorod, Pskov, Rostov, Bryansk, Orel, Voronezh, Smolensk, Moscow, Volgograd, Kaluga, Krasnodar, the Republic of Crimea, Leningrad, St. Petersburg, Stavropol, and Belgorod.

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