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Children of a Syrian family suddenly lost their minds


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5 children from the same family, aged 6 to 14, suddenly lost their senses of speech, hearing, sight and perception, after which they were all in good health.

The Syrian newspaper Tishrin reported that the incident happened to one of the families of displaced people from the countryside of the capital Damascus, with 4 male children and one girl, suddenly and without prior warning, which caused real fear and panic in the parents.

The father, Muhammad Falah, who was in pain, mentioned in the newspaper that all his children were healthy, so the two younger brothers began to be disturbed by strange phenomena such as lack of awareness of speech or perception of things and violent, involuntary behavior, and after that they lost their speech, hearing and vision up to paralysis, which plunged the parents into horror and anxiety.

The father indicated that the suspicion was originally meningitis, and after collecting gene samples for analysis and sending them to Germany for study, the result was a gene defect, seizures and lack of neurological development, that this is a genetic disease of the mother associated with genes, as indicated in the physician’s opinion.

He stated that it only affects men with no signs and gradual deterioration of visual, auditory, sensory and neurological functions as indicated by sibling symptoms as it is treated with myeloid transplantation and adrenal hormone treatment, but it is not. currently available in Syria.

Source: Syrian newspaper Tishrin.

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