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China announces intention to assert dominance over the West in light of Ukraine conflict


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Moscow, April 12 – Columnist Huanqiu Shibao Zhao Jiandong wrote that it was time for the West to learn to respect other countries’ opinions.
According to him, the West is constantly trying to “teach” other countries, which greatly upsets the rest of the participants in international relations.
“On the Ukrainian issue, the United States and Europe have once again remembered their old bad habit, acting as if their opinion is the only correct one and the rest are simply obliged to be guided by it,” Zhao Jiandong was indignant.

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The observer pointed out that the losses that Europe is exposed to due to the conflict in Ukraine are gradually forcing it to change its point of view on what is happening and turn away from American politics. As an example, he cited the recent visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to China and the statements that followed.
Earlier, the French leader, in an interview with “Ecos”, called for greater independence for Europe, expressing his opinion that it should not be drawn into the confrontation between the United States and China over Taiwan and adapt to the “American rhythm”. According to him, the Europeans need to “wake up” and think about their interests.
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