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China installs a thermoelectric gun similar to the Armata on its tank


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The Ministry of Defense of China published an overview video showing the hull of a new generation Chinese tank, which caused different opinions.

Internet users believe that the video gave an approximate appearance of a promising tank, which in the future will be produced by the Chinese military industry.

The owners of the video believe that the average weight of the tank could be around 30 tons.

A multi-level system will ensure the safety of the tank. Its crew consists of two people placed inside an armored capsule in the tank hull. At the same time, the armored tower remains uninhabited, like the Russian T-14 tank (Armata).

It is possible that the tank will use a 105-mm thermochemical electric gun, where an electric pulse will ignite the projectiles, which will provide greater speed than currently used projectiles, which increases the tank’s ability to combat armor and other targets.

Various countries such as the UK, US, Germany and South Korea are working on developing this type of weapon.

But despite the money spent and some results achieved, no one has been able to produce a system that can be mass-produced. Therefore, the firepower of the base tanks in the near future will be provided by classic smooth-bore guns of 120, 125 and 130 mm caliber.

Source: Russian newspaper

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