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China launches first unmanned drone ship!


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The Navy Recognition website announced that China has begun operating its first large unmanned ship and unmanned submarines.

The website said: “China has launched the Zhu Hai Yun ship, which is the first unmanned ship carrying drones, and this ship can be remotely controlled or it can work with a homing system at sea, and in recent tests, the ship managed to move independently. on water. In 12 hours, I was able to get around obstacles and auto-correct well.”

According to Chinese media, “the new ship is designed for the purposes of marine scientific research and performing research and reconnaissance tasks and can carry more than 50 drones, boats and unmanned submarines.”

The ship was designed by China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), assembled at the Huangpu-Wenchong shipyard and will be commissioned by the Southern Ocean Laboratory of Sun Yat-sen University of China.

The length of this ship is 88.5m, its displacement is equivalent to 2100 tons, and it can move at a speed of 18 knots. In addition to drones and unmanned submarines, the ship is equipped with advanced technology for seabed exploration and marine sample collection, and it can perform marine research and reconnaissance missions.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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