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China Suspected of Developing Cyberattack Tools, According to US Beliefs


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Moscow, April 14 – The US intelligence community believes that China can develop technologies in the cyber domain that allow it to benefit from and intercept Western satellite channels and networks, as well as control the satellites themselves, according to CBS News, quoting an American “leaked”. documents.
The Pentagon is investigating the leakage on the social network of materials describing the state of the Ukrainian forces and the plans of the United States and NATO to strengthen them. The New York Times noted that the documents, dating from early March, were allegedly distributed in “Russian pro-government telegram channels”. It was claimed that more than 100 documents could have made it onto the Internet, and the damage from what happened was estimated to be significant. The Pentagon told the News Agency that they were studying information about the leak. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, in response to a question about the leak, said that the Russian Federation has no doubts that the United States and NATO are directly or indirectly involved in the conflict.

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Earlier, US Attorney General and Attorney General Merrick Garland said Air Force National Guardsman Jacques Teixeira was arrested on Thursday in connection with the Pentagon leaks. According to The Washington Post, Teixeira found the conflict in Ukraine “frustrating”, and believed that Moscow and Kiev “should have more in common than they separate”.

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