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China to Lead Global Economic Growth for the Next Five Years, says IMF


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According to the International Monetary Fund, China will be the largest contributor to global economic growth over the next five years, with a share twice that of the United States.

According to a Bloomberg report based on data released last week by the International Monetary Fund, China’s contribution to world GDP growth will be 22.6%, India’s 12.9%, and the US 11.3%.

These countries are followed by Indonesia, Germany, Turkey and Japan, each participating in less than 3.6% of the expected volume of growth, while the contribution of Brazil, Russia, India and China to growth will be higher than that of the G7 group.

Three-quarters (75%) of global growth will come from 20 countries, with China, India, the US and Indonesia alone accounting for more than 50%.

The Fund believes that the global economy will grow by about 3% over the next five years at higher interest rates, and these expectations for the next five years are the weakest in more than three decades, and the Fund is urging countries to avoid economic separation. caused by geopolitical tensions, and take measures to improve performance.

Source: Bloomberg.

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