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China Unveils Lynx 6×6 Hybrid Amphibious Vehicle: First of Its Kind in Chinese Army


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China Unveils New Hybrid Armored Vehicle

China has recently showcased the Lynx 6×6 six-wheeled amphibious vehicle, featuring a hybrid drive system. This advanced vehicle is based on the Chinese Bobcat armored vehicle, which is currently utilized by Chinese paratroopers. Notably, the Lynx can be transported by the Z-8L helicopter. While the Bobcat lacks armor, the Lynx offers enhanced protection for both the crew and the landing personnel. Although it is an open-top vehicle, it boasts modern suspension technology that enhances comfort during off-road driving.

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Multiple Uses and Capabilities

The Lynx is a versatile combat platform that can accommodate heavy machine guns, mortars, and even automatic cannons. World Defense News highlights that this vehicle is the Chinese army’s first hybrid armored vehicle, employing both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. This hybrid powertrain not only minimizes fuel consumption and noise but also enhances stealth in extreme heat. Additionally, it boosts the Lynx’s towing capacity.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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