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China’s Galactic Energy Achieves Milestone with First Sea Launch and Deployment of Satellites


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China’s Galactic Energy Successfully Launches Satellites at Sea

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In a significant achievement, China’s private company, Galactic Energy, successfully launched four satellites into orbit in the Yellow Sea off the coast of China. This marks a major milestone for China’s commercial launch sector and makes Galactic Energy the first private company in China to accomplish such a feat.

The Land-Sea Global Mobile Platform

This groundbreaking launch, which took place in 2023, involved the world’s first unsupported land-sea global mobile platform. It was also the world’s first unguided thermal sea launch of a solid rocket. Galactic Energy’s Ceres One rocket effectively deployed the Tianqi 21-24 satellites, which are part of the Tianqi constellation managed by Beijing-based satellite operator Guodian Gaoke.

The Tianqi Constellation

The Tianqi constellation is a network of satellites that aims to be fully operational by 2024. It consists of 38 low-orbit satellites and multiple ground stations. This constellation offers various communication and data services.

The Launch Facility

The successful launch took place at the Haiyang launch facility in Shandong. This facility is the only marine launch site in China capable of accommodating diverse launch requirements, including small inclinations and sun-synchronous orbits.

Galactic Energy’s Achievements

Galactic Energy has achieved eight consecutive successful rocket launches and has a busy delivery and launch schedule for the year. The company is also involved in research and development of liquid missile technology.

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