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China’s Proposed Law Sparks Concerns for Cosplay Enthusiasts: A Response to Tense Relations with Japan?


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China Proposes Law That Could Potentially Ban Cosplay

China is considering implementing a new law that could prevent anime and manga enthusiasts from engaging in cosplay, where fans dress up as their favorite characters.

New Security Bill Raises Concerns

A recently proposed security bill called the “Public Security Management Sanctions Law” has sparked concerns among cosplay enthusiasts in China. The bill includes a clause that restricts citizens from wearing clothing that may “offend the feelings of the Chinese nation” or “endanger the Chinese national spirit.”

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A Possible Response to Tense Relations with Japan

While the law does not directly mention anime cosplay, many speculate that it may be a response to strained relations between China and Japan. Some believe that the proposed amendment could be a reaction to the release of cooling water from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean, which caused tension between the two countries.

Examples of Conflict

A video from Fuji TV depicts a confrontation between a Chinese park worker and individuals dressed in Tang Dynasty costumes. Allegedly, the park employee asked them to leave because their attire resembled Japanese clothing. This incident indicates that tensions may already be affecting cultural exchanges and cosplay activities in China.

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