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Chinese Electric Car Companies Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto Deliver Strong Vehicle Sales in August, Keeping Pace with Q3 Guidance


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Chinese Electric Car Companies Deliver Vehicles to Meet Third Quarter Guidance

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Chinese electric car companies Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto have successfully delivered enough vehicles in August to match their third quarter guidance.

These companies are all listed in the U.S. and have recently shared announcements regarding their delivery numbers.

Li Auto Leads in Deliveries

Li Auto continues to lead the pack with 34,914 car deliveries in August, exceeding their forecasted range of 33,333 to 34,333 monthly deliveries for the third quarter.

The company also delivered about 800 more cars in August compared to July. It’s worth noting that Li Auto’s vehicles are not pure electric cars as they come with a fuel tank to extend the battery’s range.

Nio and Xpeng Deliveries

Nio delivered 19,329 vehicles in August, slightly lower than July but within the range of 18,300 to 19,000 monthly deliveries forecasted for the July to September period.

Xpeng, on the other hand, delivered 13,690 electric cars in August, an increase compared to the previous month’s 11,000 deliveries. The company’s new G6 coupe SUV accounted for over half of the August deliveries.

Xpeng expects to deliver between 13,000 and 13,667 cars per month in the third quarter.

Competition and Expansion

BYD, a Chinese electric car giant, already operates in the mass market and is expanding into the premium price range. In August, BYD sold 145,627 purely battery-powered passenger cars, an increase from July’s 134,783 vehicles.

China’s electric car market is highly competitive, with state-owned GAC’s Aion electric car brand delivering 52,057 cars in August, surpassing the three startups mentioned above. Aion offers both premium-priced cars and more affordable models.

In terms of monthly retail sales, BYD, Aion, and Li Auto have surpassed Tesla China, according to China Passenger Car Association data from July.

Tesla announced a new, more expensive version of its Model 3 car with an extended driving range on Friday.

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