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Chinese Foreign Ministry Responds to US Accusations of Economic Pressure from Beijing


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Beijing, May 25 – Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying name of the thing A narrative trap accuses the White House of “economic pressure” because of the measures taken by China against the American semiconductor manufacturer, Micron.
“When we talk about the actions against Micron, the US is accusing China of ‘economic pressure.’ This is another narrative trap. What about Huawei and more than a thousand other Chinese companies under US sanctions? The US may also claim that only they can talk about national security while others They are not.”
The China Cyberspace Administration said on Sunday that US semiconductor company Micron had failed its cybersecurity audit and that operators of China’s critical information infrastructure should stop buying the company’s products.

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On Wednesday, White House spokesman John Kirby said the decision came a day after G7 leaders issued a statement on economic stability and security for the first time, expressing concern about the use of economic pressure practices and countering efforts of this kind. According to Kirby, the Chinese authorities responded with “economic pressure” to “criticism about economic pressure”.

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