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Chinese Group Arrival and Increased Flights to Cyprus Boost Tourist Activity for the Week


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Moscow, March 4 – Last week began uncomfortably: for no reason, Pulkovo Airport did not receive or send flights for several hours, and an earthquake occurred in the Black Sea near Alushta and Gurzuf. On the one hand, I was pleased with the information about the expansion of air links with Cyprus and Venezuela, as well as the arrival in Russia of the first group of Chinese tourists after the epidemic. About the most important of this period – in a summary the News Agency.
Saint Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport, one of the country’s largest, was closed for several hours on February 28. The authorities did not give reasons, but they were alarming.
Another bad news is that a 3.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in the Black Sea near Gurzuf and Alushta. This was stated by the Director of the Institute of Seismology and Geodynamics of the Crimean Federal University (KFU) Yuri Wolfman. There were no consequences.
On the positive side, the arrival of the first group of Chinese tourists in Russia after the epidemic. They visited Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Travelers’ access to foreign resorts is expanding. Thus, Russian airlines will fly to Venezuela via Cuba. And tourists will be able to get to Cyprus through Kuwait: the tourist company Fun & Sun (the former TUI Russia) offers tour packages with a flight from Jazeera Airways.
In addition, from March 30, Red Wings will launch a weekly direct flight from Tyumen to Istanbul. Also in March, Aurora and Hainan Airlines will increase the number of flights between Khabarovsk and Harbin, and Aeroflot will open flights to Antalya from Yekaterinburg and Kazan from April 27.

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Good news from the Middle East: From Oman to the UAE, tourists will be able to take a high-speed train ride. The countries have already signed a document on the construction of the railway. True, the authorities have not yet announced the timing of its construction.
In the Altai Republic, they plan to launch an air taxi between the “ski” regions of Siberia. So tourists will be able to move between the resorts of Sheregesh, Manzherok, Belokurikha.
It will be more convenient to get to the Crimea. The PCT said that the peninsular authorities are working out a scenario on how to start the multi-lane inspection in order to ensure maximum throughput of the bridge. So you can hope that there will be no traffic jams there in the summer.
Now – important for fans of foreign holidays. Experts said that the process of obtaining Schengen visas has become much easier – the flow of those wishing to obtain them has dried up in the future.
Another country is Hong Kong Relaxing anti-virus restrictions. From March 1, it will no longer be required to wear masks on the street and in transport.
Thai authorities are planning Tougher penalties for violators. They will be given red cards, as in football, and will be deported for repeated misconduct.

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