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Chinese Mediation in the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict Assured by Ukrainian Diplomat


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China could realistically emerge as a mediator in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, according to Kiev Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Melnik.

Melnik described the possibility of Beijing playing a mediating role in the Ukraine war as “not unrealistic”.

Speaking to German media group Funke on Sunday, he said: “The Chinese, of course, are after their own interests. But I think that a just and peaceful solution and an end to hostilities are more in line with Beijing’s interests than this gigantic, never-ending earthquake of the entire world system.”

Melnyk said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s recent phone call with Chinese leader Xi Jinping — the first since the war began 14 months ago — “was a big step forward in strengthening our relations with China and ending Russian aggression.”

But the former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany noted that “for Kiev, the withdrawal of all Russian troops from the occupied territories is an indispensable condition.”

China’s position paper on a political solution to the conflict in Ukraine does not call for Russia’s withdrawal from the regions it occupied last year, or from Crimea, which Moscow annexed in 2014.

Melnick said the devil is “in the details”.

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