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Chinese scientists managed to clone a horse


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Chinese scientists have shown the first cloned racehorse, which is seven months old and the same color as the original Ursus racehorse.

SinoGene, which cloned the horse, which they named Zhuang Zhuang, notes that the process of cloning the horse began in 2021 and the foal was born on June 16, 2022. The horse Ursus, from which skin cell samples were taken, was brought from Germany. to China in 2007 and won several equestrian competitions. In China and abroad, the surrogate Persians were from the northwestern Chinese province of Gansu.

Zhao Jianping, deputy general manager of SinoGene, points out that the main goal of horse cloning is to breed first-class horse breeds in China.

According to him, natural breeding does not guarantee that the foal will inherit the best features of the parents, and the genetic copy allows you to save all the necessary features. At the same time, it is a safe process for the mother mare.

Zhaojian Ping notes that in 2012, the International Equestrian Federation allowed cloned horses to compete. Therefore, it is possible that Zhuang Zhuang will be able to compete at the Summer Olympics in 2028, when he will be six years old at that time, which means that he will be able to train him, because it is allowed to train horses. usually at the age of 4-6 years.

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