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Combining specific drugs can result in a deadly outcome.


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Dr. Alexander Myasnikov said that medicines should be taken according to the instructions attached to them and as prescribed by the doctor.

And Myasnikov points out in the TV program that in order to get the full benefit of the drug and without any side effects, a person must know how and when to take it and with which drug it can be taken.

He says: “The doctor writes out a prescription, which the patient takes and goes to the pharmacy. The pharmacist must make sure whether it is possible to take certain medicines together or not. the condition worsens after taking the medication.” It is followed in France. However, we find that 10 percent of patients are hospitalized due to the wrong combination of drugs.

According to him, it is wrong, for example, to take hypocholesterolemic drugs with grapefruit juice.

He says: “There are blood thinners that are prescribed to all patients who have undergone catheterization. 0.3 percent of patients taking clopidogrel get a genetic mutation that kills them. Or, for example, warfarin for blood thinning. if he takes a small dose, it will not have the desired effect. And if he takes a large dose, he will bleed.”

And he adds: Therefore, you must definitely take all the medicines prescribed by your doctor.

He says: “If the doctor prescribes 3-4 kinds of drugs, the patient should know the reason and why.”

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