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Community Simulation Game ‘Calico’ to Launch on PlayStation: Release Date, Features, and More


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Community Simulation Game “Calico” to Launch on PlayStation

Get ready, PlayStation users! The highly anticipated community simulation game “Calico” is set to release on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on November 28, according to an announcement by publisher Whitethorn Games and developer Peachy Keen Games.

Originally launched on Xbox One, Switch, and PC via various platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, and Humble Store on December 15, 2020, “Calico” received a free update known as the “Pawsome Edition” on December 22, 2022, featuring an array of additional features and updates.

About “Calico”

Immerse yourself in the beloved day-in-the-life community sim game that allows you to take on the important and adorable task of rebuilding the town’s cat cafe. Let your creativity shine as you fill it with cute furniture, fun decorations, and delicious pastries to attract a bustling crowd of animals once again.

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Create your dream cat cafe with an abundance of decorating options, make new furry friends, and serve patrons with delightful dishes. Explore a whimsical open world beyond the cat cafe, where you can express your individuality by customizing your avatar with collectible clothing. Unleash your imagination with potions that add a touch of magic to your interactions with your furry companions. “Calico” provides a cute and cozy escape into a world filled with wonder, adorable animals, and so much more! The PlayStation release of “Calico” includes all the content featured in the “Calico: Pawsome Edition” update.

Key Features

  • Every Animal is a Friend – Encounter a variety of animals on the island, befriend them, give them names, add them to your party, invite them to live at the cafe, and most importantly, love them forever! Interact with your new friends through activities like dancing, cuddling, petting, carrying, lounging, and playing.
  • Mouth Watering Sweets – Each recipe in the game comes with its own series of minigames to perform in the kitchen. Shrink down in size, navigate around the kitchen, and serve your patrons tasty pastries for generous rewards.
  • Bewitching Good Looks – Express your unique style through fashion! Create an avatar and customize them with collectible clothing items you discover throughout the game.
  • Design, Decorate, Delight – Let your creativity run wild as you decorate both the interior and exterior of the cafe to your heart’s content. Collect and arrange furniture and toys for both human and animal visitors. Must-have items include cat trees, scratching posts, and dog beds.
  • The Power of Magic – In the world of “Calico,” magic knows no bounds! With the potion system, you can live out your wildest magical fantasies. Want to transform your feline friend into a giant? The Big Small potion has got you covered!

Watch the exciting new release date trailer below to get a glimpse of what “Calico” has in store for PlayStation users.

Release Date Trailer

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