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Complications in the ear, throat and nose after Covid-19 and the flu


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Dr. Irina Kirichenko said that people who develop a viral infection often develop complications, including sinusitis, laryngitis, and a middle ear infection.

The Russian doctor notes that patients often ignore these complications, even if they can be fatal.

According to her, among those at risk of this complication, there are people suffering from a deviated septum. This is a common condition, not rare, and affects about 70 percent of people, but most of them do not pay attention to this problem, although it is one of the factors that cause nasal breathing problems and sinusitis.

And he adds: Those who have a “polyp” in the nose should look into this issue and see a doctor. Because leaving it, it can grow and block the sinus anastomosis, which leads to the fact that the secretion from the sinuses does not become a breeding ground for bacteria that develop into chronic sinusitis.

The expert notes that some patients, feeling a slight improvement in well-being, go to work and return to their normal lives. But they don’t seem to know it’s a factor that causes complications like sinusitis. Therefore, in order to avoid these complications, the disease must be completely cured, and then return to normal life.

In addition, many patients without discipline use vasoconstrictor drops and medications.

She says: “This leads to dryness of the mucous membrane. That is, the cause of the disease or allergy can pass through the nose uncontrollably. It will no longer be possible to remove everything that has accumulated in the nose, so a person is forced to remove what has accumulated in the nose with a finger, which leads to infections, including sinusitis.

Stress is also a risk factor, so it must be taken into account.

She says: “If a person suffers from constant psychological stress, the adrenal cortex produces stress hormones, which, when infected with upper respiratory tract infections, lead to complications in the nose, ear and throat.”

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