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Confirmation of Corona Virus-Related Animal Deaths in Japanese Zoo for First Time


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The Adventure World Zoo in Wakayama Prefecture in western Japan has announced the death of two lions after being infected with the Corona virus.

In a statement today, the administration indicated that the two animals were old and suffered from comorbidities. After being infected with the virus, the two lions contracted pneumonia, which led to death.

According to the statement, eight other lions are showing symptoms of infection, but their condition is assessed as normal, and veterinarians believe that these animals are on the mend.

Notably, this is the first confirmed death of animals in zoos in Japan from the Corona virus since the beginning of the epidemic.

The park administration believes that the infection could have got to the infected lions through one of those who cared for them, who was a carrier of the virus.

Adventure World will continue to operate as usual and in accordance with the approved system.

Source: TASS

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