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Congressman Santos, who lied on his resume, could be fired


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Washington, January 15 – James Comer, chairman of the board, said the resignation of House Republican George Santos, who has been at the center of a scandal over inconsistencies and false statements in his resume, is possible if there were abuses in his campaign finances. House Oversight Committee.
“If he violates campaign finance laws, he will be kicked out of Congress,” Kummer told CNN.
Comer called the bogus party member a “bad guy” who rejected his way into Congress, but added that Santos was not the first politician elected to Congress on a hoax charge. “He will be subject to a rigorous investigation, not necessarily for lying, but for possible campaign finance irregularities,” he added.

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Earlier, Santos, amid the scandal, had repeatedly stated that he would not resign. House Democratic Representatives Dan Goldman and Richie Torres petitioned the House Ethics Committee to investigate Santos. According to them, the Republicans’ financial statements for 2020 and 2022 appear “scattered” and “confusing”, and Santos himself did not present them in a timely manner as part of the campaign.
In December, The New York Times ran an exposé about the many inconsistencies in Santos’ biography. Against this background, the congressman admitted that he gave voters false information about himself, including reporting that he had a higher education and stating that his mother was Jewish and that her parents had fled Europe during World War II. Reports that Santos worked for investment banks Goldman Sachs and Citigroup were also false.
It was later reported that the New York Attorney General’s office had launched an investigation against Santos.

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