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Controversial Behavior of Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales at the 2023 Women’s World Cup


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Controversial Behavior of Spanish Football Federation President at 2023 Women’s World Cup

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The President of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, has faced criticism for his controversial behavior towards Spain star Jennifer Hermoso after their victory in the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

Spain’s Historic Win

Spain made history by winning their first-ever Women’s World Cup, defeating England with a single goal from striker Olga Carmona in the first half of the match held at the Australian Stadium in Sydney.

Rubiales’ Controversial Actions

During the medal presentation ceremony, Luis Rubiales unexpectedly hugged Jennifer Hermoso, a player from the Spanish national team, and proceeded to kiss her in a way that drew significant criticism.

Response from Jennifer Hermoso

Jennifer Hermoso, a 33-year-old player, expressed her displeasure with Rubiales’ actions, stating, “Uh…yeah, I didn’t like it.”

Comparison to a Past Incident

This incident draws parallels to what happened in 2010 when the Spanish men’s team won the World Cup in South Africa. During a press interview, goalkeeper Iker Casillas kissed his girlfriend Sarah Carbonero in front of everyone. However, it should be noted that Casillas and Carbonero were already known to be in a relationship, unlike Rubiales and Hermoso.

Comments from Hermoso

During a livestream on her Instagram account, one of Hermoso’s teammates mentioned the kiss, to which Hermoso responded, “Yes, but I didn’t like it.”


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