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Controversial Magical Item: Warner Bros. Faces $8 Million Lawsuit


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A Magical Item Controversy could Cost Warner Bros. $8 Million

A mother named Jessica Perry is accusing Warner Bros. of injuring her son with a replica of a magical item from Harry Potter. The famous wizard’s weapon with glasses had a piece of metal that came off the toy and injured her son’s retina. Now, she is seeking compensation of 8 million euros to cover future surgeries, physical injuries, and emotional distress that her son may endure throughout his life. She believes that Warner Bros should have been aware of this risk and is holding them responsible.

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One of the Many Controversies Surrounding Warner and the Harry Potter Series

This controversy comes at an unfortunate time for Warner Bros. It is not the first time that controversy has arisen before the release of the next series that covers the entire history of Harry Potter. The adaptation produced by HBO Max, which explores unexplored facets of the magical universe, is already causing uproar. Author JK Rowling’s involvement in the series has fueled further disagreement among fans due to her problematic comments. Additionally, a former actress has complained about difficult working conditions during the shoots. Warner Bros. is now dealing with multiple controversies related to the beloved franchise.

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