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Controversy in Egypt as Wrestler Crowned with Medal Flees to France after Disappearance in Gadud, Tunisia


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In recent hours, a dispute has flared up in Egypt over the mystery of the disappearance of Egyptian wrestler Ahmed Fuad Baghduda during his participation in the African Championship in Tunisia.

And the Egyptian Wrestling Federation a few hours ago announced the disappearance of its player Ahmed Fuad Baghduda while participating in the African Championship, held in Tunisia from May 15 to 21.

The young Egyptian wrestler took second place in the 63 kg weight class in preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The Egyptian Wrestling Federation has confirmed that it has contacted all relevant authorities to find Bagdudou, but so far the search has turned up nothing.

The Egyptian Wrestling Federation said in a statement that it was looking into all legal procedures that would preserve all of his rights to such behavior.

The Egyptian Wrestling Federation also contacted the International Federation regarding the operation of all procedures to ensure the succession of the player in the Egyptian national team in accordance with the regulations.

The Federation confirms that it is doing its best in coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Egyptian Olympic Committee to prepare promising generations in wrestling by hoisting the Egyptian flag at international sports tournaments and forums.

According to the Egyptian newspaper Seventh Day, there are many reasons for the disappearance of the Egyptian wrestler Ahmed Bagduda, and the main one is getting a passport for him, and not collecting passports, as happens before any international tournament.

The newspaper pointed out that the football player has a “Schengen” visa in his passport, which gives him the right to enter most European countries, which he took advantage of and fled to France.

An Egyptian newspaper confirmed that the purpose of the player’s escape is to represent another country, as has already happened to many fleeing players such as Mohamed Essam, who fled while he was in the national team’s camp in Italy last August, Ahmed Hassan Busha, Tariq Abdel Salam and others.

Baghdude’s father said in statements to the Egyptian website Cairo 24: “I have not known anything about my son since the day before yesterday, as he was talking to me all the time.”

He added: “My son didn’t run away, so if it was like everyone said, why did he travel from the very beginning to participate in the African Championship, because he has friends in Russia and Croatia, and maybe he has went there to spend two or three days.”

Source: agencies

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