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Controversy Surrounds Star Wars Ashoka Series: Fans Express Displeasure with Fight Scene


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A Controversial Sequence

A Controversial Sequence

Starting tomorrow, the Star Wars Ashoka series will begin streaming on Disney+. Highly anticipated by fans, the show is today the subject of a small controversy on social networks because of an excerpt. In the excerpt, we can see the Jedi fighting against a robot and an Inquisitor, defeating the robot before dealing with the Inquisitor. While this fight may seem ordinary at first glance, fans quickly expressed their dissatisfaction with it on social media. Some critics argue that the action lacks intensity and is slow, mainly due to the choreography and editing failing to emphasize the impact of the strikes. Others also express their dissatisfaction with the lighting and color grading of the footage.

A Fan’s Displeasure on Twitter

A New Hope for Star Wars?

The distribution of this extract through official Star Wars channels does not seem to have generated the desired impact. Fans are particularly critical about this series because it has the potential to reignite enthusiasm for the franchise. This potential was evident in the trailer, which showcased several sword fights—something that fans have always requested, as these fights are iconic to the Star Wars universe.

However, if all the fights in the series are similar to what was shown in the controversial sequence, many fans fear disappointment. It is important to reserve judgment until the entire show is aired. As a reminder, the first episode will be released on Tuesday, August 22, with a total of eight episodes planned. Assuming one episode is broadcast per week, the series is expected to conclude in October, if all goes according to plan.

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