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Counter-Strike: Competition, Cooperation, and Speculation: Exploring the World of CS:GO Skins


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Counter-Strike: competition, cooperation… And speculation

CS:GO, the popular team shooter game, has been attracting hundreds of thousands of players every day since its official launch in 2012. It is actually an improved version of Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, and Counter-Strike: Source, making Counter-Strike over 11 years old. In this shooting game, collaboration and knowledge of maps are crucial. Players must find strategic positions, protect teammates, divert attention, and act in coordination. Counter-Strike has become a prominent eSports game, with world competitions gaining significant popularity. While it faces competition from Valorant, the upcoming arrival of Counter-Strike 2 could bring changes. In addition to the game itself, there is an entire economy built around the buying and selling of skins. Players acquire these skins through gameplay or purchasing lootboxes, and there are dedicated platforms and communities that determine their values. This system involves speculation, with bids quickly reaching high amounts, but it appears to be accepted by players.

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Skins sold at gold prices

Last April, an extremely rare AK-47 skin was sold for over $400,000. However, these skins exist virtually and can be compared to NFTs if they were associated with a globally validated form of uniqueness. Recently, a player stumbled upon an M9 Bayonet Blue Gem, an extremely rare find known for its scarcity. With a wear rating of only 0.097, the knife was valued at approximately $90,000. Speculation has already begun, and if the lucky player decides to keep the knife, its price could skyrocket. As a reference, M9 Doppler bayonets currently sell for around 1000-1500 euros in the marketplace. There is a buzz on Twitter and forums, with reports that the fortunate player had spent $1500 on lootboxes before discovering the M9 Bayonet Blue Gem. Some believe it was a worthwhile investment, while others argue against generating speculation. Some sympathize with the owner’s decision to sell this ultra-rare skin, while a few users suggest rejecting NFTs in comparison.

At present, the player who obtained the M9 Bayonet Blue Gem has not indicated whether they plan to resell their knife or not. The record-breaking sale of $400,000 still stands, and we will have to wait to see if it will be surpassed. It’s worth noting that in France, players have the ability to preview the contents of a loot crate before purchasing a key.

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