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Craig Mazin Reveals Ideal Number of Seasons for The Last of Us TV Series


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Craig Mazin’s Plans for The Last of Us TV Series

Producer and Co-Creator Craig Mazin Shares Insight on Ideal Number of Seasons

Craig Mazin, the producer and co-creator of The Last of Us TV series alongside Neil Druckman, recently revealed his thoughts on the ideal number of seasons needed to fully tell the story. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Mazin stated that he believes it will take about four seasons to cover all the material from the popular Naughty Dog video game series.

Mazin’s Statements on Season-Wise Breakdown

“I knew I said it. You never know. I sincerely believe it could take three or five seasons of The Last of Us to tell the whole story. But I must admit that four seems like a good number to me.

Some seasons will require fewer episodes due to the story we are telling, while others will require more. The best news is that viewers want more content from this universe.

But I promise that when we announce the series, we will not cater to the desire of the public just to make them happy. And if they don’t like how many episodes there are in a season because they want more, oh well.

But when all is said and done, I think everyone will agree, as we will be clear and to the point in arguing our choice. I don’t know if each season will have the same number of episodes. However, the number doesn’t matter. The important thing is that when the user reaches the end of the season, he will be able to say: it was a good season.”

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Adding Context to Mazin’s Calculation

Craig Mazin’s calculation is based on The Last of Us Part 1 and Part 2, with the possibility of a Part 3 in the future. Neil Druckmann, the creator of The Last of Us, has hinted at another story to tell in Part 3.

Craig Mazin’s Tweet on The Number of Seasons

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