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Craving for spicy food warns of illness


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Sudden cravings for certain foods are very common. But it turns out that in this way the body gives us certain signals that cannot be ignored, especially if the desire is to eat spicy food.

Dr. Evgeny Bataev, an infectious disease specialist and Russian nutritionist, notes that cravings for spicy foods indicate breathing problems.

And he says: “If a person notices that their consumption of garlic, onions and various spices has increased, this may be a sign that they are close to a respiratory disease.”

And he adds that these substances contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals, which makes them indispensable in the fight against viruses. But at the same time, he advises not to rely only on garlic and spices. And it is best to strengthen the immune system with vitamins.

Source: News. EN

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