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Creating a robot that can change from solid to liquid


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Chinese scientists have created a prototype robot that can change from solid to liquid and vice versa.

And Matter magazine points out that scientists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have announced that this robot is made from tiny magnetic particles of neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe), and boron (B) immersed in gallium (Ga). The melting point of the resulting substance is 29.8 degrees Celsius, and during the experiments, scientists managed to teach the robot to move and carry the load.

When solid, this robot can carry a payload 30 times its own weight. To go into a liquid state, it must be placed between magnets with fixed magnetic fields, in which case there is no need for a heat source.

This magnet can avoid obstacles and climb walls, and in one experiment, scientists had it transfer an LED to a board, attach it, and light it up.

Source: Linta. RU

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