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Creating an Air Bridge to Boost Tourism Between Italy and Jordan


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Today, Thursday, the first charter aircraft from Milan, Italy landed at the Queen Alia International Airport with tourists, opening a tourist air bridge connecting Amman to Milan.

Petra said in a report that the move is aimed at attracting tourists to Jordan with the support of the Tourism Development Authority.

The Director General of the Kingdom Tourism Development Authority, Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat, said that the launch of this travel line through a company (ALPITOUR) with a weekly fare until the end of the season confirms the validity of the growth in the increase in the number of tourists, which is a confirmation of the increase in tourist activity from charter flights for the purpose of tourism in the Kingdom.

He added that this step was taken by the joint efforts and team spirit between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Commission, pointing to the efforts of the Kingdom’s Embassy in Italy to promote tourism activities in the Kingdom.

He explained that the move was taken in light of the Authority’s efforts to attract charter, low-cost and scheduled aircraft from several countries directly to Amman’s Alia International Airport and Aqaba’s King Hussein Airport.

He indicated that the authorities are working to attract more flights directly to Amman and Aqaba, and from there to visit tourist and archaeological sites in the Kingdom, pointing out that these tourist trips to the Kingdom will increase the number of tourists from Italy and other countries. European countries to Kingdom.

Arabiyat stressed the authorities’ desire to ensure healthy competitiveness in the aviation sector and use it to stimulate the economy by attracting large investments and stimulating tourism in the Jordanian market, two vital factors for the prosperity of the Jordanian economy. And the rest of the tourist areas of Jordan.

Source: Petra

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