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Creating Unity Through Inter-sect Dialogue to Combat Islamophobia


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President of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum Taha Ayhan said on Wednesday that dialogue between sects is necessary to combat Islamophobia.

Speaking at a conference on the occasion of March 15 International Day for Combating Islamophobia in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, Ayhan highlighted the importance of dialogue in the face of rising anti-Muslim hatred and racism in the West.

Pointing out the importance of establishing dialogue between sects to combat Islamophobia, Ayhan said that people need to realize that Islamophobia is a kind of xenophobia and xenophobia is a crime against humanity.

“I believe that in addition to countries, the support of global institutions is also necessary to combat Islamophobia,” he said.

Meanwhile, Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for the UN Alliance of Civilizations, Miguel Angel Moratinos, said in a video message that Islamophobia is not only about standing against Islam as a religion and Muslims, but also against all of humanity and human beings. rights.

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