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Crimson Desert: A Smashing Return for an Action-Packed Open-World Video Game at Gamescom


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Smashing return for Crimson Desert, an open-world video game that is both action and generous

At the Gamescom event, the highly anticipated Opening Night Live showcased some exciting titles, including the long-awaited return of Crimson Desert by Pearl Abyss. After two years of secrecy, fans of open-world action-adventure games were thrilled by the announcement. But what exactly is Crimson Desert? The Gamescom trailer provided some interesting information and a glimpse into the game’s captivating visuals, thanks to the studio’s in-house engine, the “BlackSpace Engine.”

The trailer focused on the events taking place in the Hernand region and showcased the vast continent of Pywel, where the game’s characters reside. This continent boasts diverse regions and climates, creating a truly immersive open-world experience. Players can engage in a multitude of activities, such as fishing, infiltrating enemy bases, and interacting with NPCs. The game’s action is also a highlight, featuring epic clashes, explosions, and stunning choreography.

An explosive presentation, the action aspect of Crimson Desert honored for Gamescom

Crimson Desert offers a world ripe for exploration, encouraging players to constantly be on the move. While discovering new knowledge, objects, and skills, players will also dive into intense battles that provide an unparalleled level of action. The developers aimed to create an action experience unlike any other in the genre, immersing players in a dynamic combat system that delivers a sense of being in an action movie.

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The trailer showcased the game’s melee combat system, but also hinted at other battle methods, such as ranged attacks with a bow and quick-time events. The developers strived for a realistic and entertaining fighting style, drawing inspiration from professional wrestlers and martial arts like taekwondo. Players can disarm enemies, use their weapons as shields, and even utilize elemental blows charged with lightning. The trailer showcased the intense and visceral nature of the combat.

Endless influences: originality and authenticity in danger?

While Crimson Desert promises thrilling gameplay and stunning visuals, there are some concerns about its originality and authenticity. The studio remains tight-lipped about the game’s storyline, but it has been hinted that players will follow the adventures of Kliff and his diverse group of mercenaries, each with their own distinct backgrounds.

However, some critics question the game’s authenticity and originality. Crimson Desert draws inspiration from various myths, but also appears to incorporate elements from other video games. While it’s common for games to have influences, some wonder if Crimson Desert relies too heavily on familiar mechanics and references from other titles. Despite this, fans eagerly await the game’s release, hoping to discover the unique elements that will set it apart.

Crimson Desert is set for a simultaneous release on PC and consoles, but specific release window details have yet to be announced.

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