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Crisis in Europe After Introduction of Egyptian Product


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The head of the Egyptian Department of Agricultural Quarantine, Ahmed Kamal, has issued precautionary measures that apply to farms and companies exporting their products to the European Union.

The European Union has imposed an additional 20% inspection rate on Egyptian orange shipments due to the arrival of shipments contaminated with the pesticide chlorpyrphos.

Precautions taken by the head of the General Directorate of Agricultural Quarantine included that all exporting farms should strictly abide by the ban on the use of all pesticides subject to the substance chloropyrphos, emphasizing that all necessary measures should be taken towards those who violates it.

The publication added that laboratory analysis will be carried out during the operation of raw materials entering the station, for batches of citrus fruits exported to the EU countries, before direct export. To ensure they do not contain unauthorized pesticide residues, for companies that have received rejection notices as of 09/01/2022.

He added that any farm whose crop is contaminated with pesticide residues higher than allowed by European regulations will be stopped from exporting to European Union countries until the farm is re-evaluated after at least one month, and in case of incompatibility, it will be stopped until the end of the season.

And he stressed the suspension of the approval of any farm whose crop is contaminated with one of the banned pesticides, such as chlorpyrphos, until the end of the export season to all countries in the world, with a warning to any company that receives a notification that one of its shipments of citrus crops in the European Union is rejected due to for a higher level of pesticide residues than allowed in the European Union European Union, and in the event of a repeated rejection of one of its shipments, samples are imposed from each container intended for export for export to the European Union.

He indicated that in the event of a third repetition, his permission to export to the countries of the European Union would be withdrawn before the end of the 2022/2023 export season. with the suspension of accreditation of any exporting company that received a notification of refusal. one of its shipments due to contamination with a banned pesticide such as chlorpyrifos, meaning it will not be able to export until the end of the year. The coding arrangements and rules for the new season will also be determined in light of the results of the assessment of the current export season.

Source: Cairo 24

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