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Cristiano Ronaldo: A Humanitarian Appeal to Make Football More Than Just a Game in Saudi Arabia


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Saudi club Al-Nasr came out in response to an appeal from a citizen of Saudi Arabia, who asked Al-Alam officials to support his Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo in connection with a child with cancer.

Abdulaziz bin Hamad made a humanitarian appeal by posting on his Twitter account a photo of an injured child in the hospital and posting another photo of Cristiano Ronaldo in the victory jersey and the Portuguese national team, writing on it: “Muhammad, I have studied it for years. ago I visited him at home after he had cancer and I really found him.” He needs psychological support to overcome the shock of an illness that has altered his facial features and made his smile disappear.”

He continued: “His request is simple for Al Nasr club management, but it means a lot to him. Muhammad Mutim is a fan of Ronaldo. His simple request is to visit the club and introduce him with the legend Cristiano Ronaldo. “

Mohamed I studied him many years ago, I visited him at home after he had cancer, and I really found that he needed psychological support to overcome the shock of the disease, which changed his features and missed his smile. His request is simple for the management of the Al-Nasr club, but it means a lot to him.

-‏Abdulaziz bin Hamad ???????? (@Aziz7amad) March 25, 2023

Following Abdelaziz’s tweet, Al Nasr officials responded immediately to his request as Al Nasr’s administration contacted him to implement the request of a child with cancer after the star Ronaldo returned from an international break with Portugal.

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