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Cristiano Ronaldo Begins New Mission Away From Stadiums


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Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo will have a new mission, according to a contract he signed with Saudi club Al-Nasr during last Mercato winter, especially in Formula 1 racing.

Many reports have indicated that Ronaldo receives 200 million euros annually, which is the largest contract in his football career with the world, to be the highest paid player in the world today.

Despite the Saudi club’s denial that the contract is not only spherical, or that Ronaldo received income from promoting the file of Saudi Arabia hosting the 2030 World Cup.

However, he will play a special role in Formula 1 racing, and according to the British newspaper The Sun, Ronaldo is expected to take part in the Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which is scheduled for March 19.

The newspaper stated that Al-Don’s presence at the event fell under some clauses of his contract signed with Al-Nasr, and he also attended the Diria season truth fight between American international boxers Jake Paul and Briton Tommy Fury.

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