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Cryptocurrency Influencer Bitboy Raises $59,000 in Crowdfunding Amid Legal Battle, Sparks Community Backlash


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Cryptocurrency Influencer Bitboy Raises $59,000 Amid Legal Battle

Cryptocurrency influencer Ben Armstrong, also known as “Bitboy,” has successfully crowdfunded $59,000 to support his ongoing legal battle. However, this move has sparked backlash from the cryptocurrency community.

In an emotional video posted on Twitter, Armstrong appealed to the community for donations, revealing the immense pressure he was facing due to the legal dispute with Hit Network. He shared instances of blackmail, public humiliation, and even death threats, describing it as the most terrifying experience of his life. Armstrong explained that the financial strain caused by Hit Network had left him unable to continue the legal battle without outside support.

As of now, the Ethereum address associated with the donations shows a balance of $59,788 from 97 separate transactions. However, many members of the cryptocurrency community are expressing anger and dissatisfaction with these actions.

Controversy Surrounding Crypto Donations

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The fundraising effort has faced harsh criticism from various figures in the cryptocurrency world. ZachXBT, a blockchain investigator, questioned Armstrong’s honesty after he flaunted a Rolex watch in a recent video. Users also pointed out that Bitboy owns a Lamborghini, which raises doubts about the need for continued donations. Despite Armstrong’s claim that his car was extorted by people involved in the case, there is no independent evidence to support this statement.

Well-known trading advisor Satoshi Flipper expressed frustration with those supporting Armstrong’s cause, while CoinMamba advised against contributing to BitBoy’s legal fund. The cryptocurrency community questions the rationale behind donating to Armstrong when there are ongoing crises, such as the recent earthquake in Morocco, affecting numerous people.

The controversy surrounding Armstrong’s crowdfunding efforts highlights concerns about the responsible use of crypto donations and the prioritization of charitable causes. While Armstrong’s legal battle may be important to him, some argue that there are more deserving recipients of financial contributions.

It is crucial for individuals to consider the broader impact and potential alternative uses of their donations before contributing to specific causes or individuals.

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