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CS2 Patch Notes Update: Bug Fixes, Improvements, and More | January 08, 2024


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CS2 Patch Notes Update January 08, 2024

CS2 Update has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing CS2, make sure to update to version to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

CS2 Update Path Notes


  • Fixed cases where there was a visible delay loading map images in the Play menu:
  • Previously, players experienced a delay when loading map images in the Play menu. This has been resolved, and the map images now load smoothly without any delay.
  • Fixed a bug where items that can’t be equipped were visible in the Loadout menu:
  • Players noticed that certain items that couldn’t be equipped were still visible in the Loadout menu. This issue has been fixed, and now only equippable items are displayed in the Loadout menu.
  • Fixed a bug where loadout items couldn’t be unequipped:
  • There was a bug that prevented players from unequipping loadout items. This issue has been addressed, and players can now easily unequip loadout items as needed.
  • Fixed a bug where loadout changes weren’t saved if the game was quit shortly after making changes:
  • Previously, players found that their loadout changes were not saved if they quit the game shortly after making the changes. This bug has been fixed, and now loadout changes are properly saved even if the game is quit immediately after.
  • Fixed a bug where loadout changes on the main
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