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Cult of the Lamb Update 1.20: Detailed Patch Notes, New Features, and Game Updates Revealed


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Cult of the Lamb Update 1.20 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Cult of the Lamb, make sure to update to version 1.20 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

Cult of the Lamb Update 1.20: Detailed Patch Notes and Game Updates

New Features:

1. New Weapon – Blunderbuss: The Lamb now has access to the powerful Blunderbuss, allowing players to take down enemies with a satisfying “pew pew” sound effect.

2. 6 New Achievements: Test your skills and unlock these 6 new achievements to showcase your progress in the game.

3. Eggs and Followers: Introducing a new mechanic where followers can now be hatched from eggs! Additionally, golden eggs will grant special skins for followers, providing a visually unique experience.

4. New Resources: A variety of new resources have been added, including Grapes, Hops, Cotton, Silk Thread, and Yolk. These resources can be used to enhance gameplay and enable new crafting possibilities.

5. Extra Resource Rooms: To accommodate the new resources, extra resource rooms have been added to the game, allowing players to efficiently manage their inventory and gather more items.

6. New Follower Skins: Enjoy the addition of five new follower skins – Lemur, Caterpillar, Seal, Snake, and Worm. Customize your followers and give them a fresh new look.

7. Extension of the Sozo Questline: Dive deeper into the intriguing Sozo questline as new chapters and story elements are introduced, providing a richer and more immersive narrative experience.

8. Sin Doctrine Category: Explore the new Sin Doctrine category, which includes four new choices and eight new Doctrines. These options will allow players to further shape their cult and its beliefs.

9. Auto Leveling Up Followers: After sermons and rituals, followers will now automatically level up, saving players time and effort and ensuring their followers are always ready for action.

10. Rebuilding Structures Mini Game: Engage in a fun and interactive mini-game that involves rebuilding structures. Complete the mini-game successfully to restore and improve your cult’s buildings.

11. Shop Room: A new shop room has been added inside the dungeon, featuring an NPC called Berith, who sells unique clothing items that players can acquire for their cult members.

12. Re-indoctrination Option: Players can now re-indoctrinate followers at the indoctrination podium, offering them a chance to regain their loyalty and devotion to the cult.

13. Outfit and Necklace Assigning Option: Customize your followers’ appearance by assigning outfits and necklaces to them directly from the indoctrination screen.

14. Disciple Ritual: Transform level 10 followers into powerful Disciples through a special ritual, allowing players to strengthen their inner circle of true believers.

15. Follower Interactions: Followers will now engage in battles with each other, sometimes resulting in injuries and even death. This dynamic feature adds complexity and realism to the game world.

The Sin System:

1. Sin Currency: A new currency called Sin has been introduced. Followers generate Sin through specific rituals and buildings. Players can spend this Sin currency on upgrades, removing cooldowns, re-indoctrinating followers, and constructing structures.

New Rituals:

1. Rite of Lust: Followers partake in a unique and festive dance around the shrine, generating Sin. Players can choose a favorite follower to become the Mayflower Leader for half a day, enhancing their Sin generation. During this time, followers will not perform regular tasks, instead focusing on celebrating their newfound freedom.

2. Rite of Wrath: Followers unleash chaos and havoc upon the cult’s base, generating Sin. Players can select a follower to become the Wrath Leader, intensifying the Sin generation during this period.

3. Gluttony of Cannibals: Followers can consume fellow cult members, leading to the generation of Sin. Players can choose a follower to be sacrificed and generate Sin through this ritual.

4. Sinner’s Pride: Select a follower to absorb the Sin of all other followers, consolidating their devotion into a single individual.

5. Discipleship: Elevate a level 10 follower to become a Disciple, granting them enhanced abilities and status within the cult.


1. Drinkhouse: Craft delicious drinks for your followers at the drinkhouse. Consuming these drinks will generate Sin, but there is a chance for followers to become intoxicated (Befuddled) and require special care to continue participating in cult activities.

2. New and Upgraded Buildings: Expand your cult’s infrastructure with various new and upgraded buildings, such as Mating Tent, Hatchery, Drum Circle, Tailor Building, Silo Storages (Fertilizer and Seeds), Janitor Station 2, Disciple Collection Shrine, and Disciple Boost Shrine. Each of these structures serves different purposes and contributes to the overall development and efficiency of the cult.

Follower States:

1. Befuddled State: Followers who consume excessive drinks at the drinkhouse will become Befuddled, resulting in stumbling, vomiting, fights, chat, laughter, singing, and overall revelry until their Befuddled state wears off.

2. Injured State: Followers who sustain injuries during battles or accidents will limp around feeling sorry for themselves until they recover.

Chore Leveling Up:

1. XP Generation: Players can now generate experience points (XP) for the Lamb by completing cleaning chores such as cleaning poop, vomit, burnt items, or cleaning out outhouses. Once the XP bar reaches full, a new mop will be unlocked for the Lamb. There are a total of 10 different mops to unlock, each offering faster cleaning options.

Poop Variations:

1. Golden Poop: Cleaning up golden poop will yield gold rewards. Additionally, crops fertilized with golden poop will generate even more valuable loot, such as gold/gold bars.

2. Glow Poop: Cleaning glow poop will attract fireflies to enhance the visual ambiance of your cult’s base.

3. Devotion Poop: Cleaning devotion poop will generate devotion points, which can be beneficial for the cult’s progress. Crops fertilized with devotion poop will continue generating devotion over time.

4. Massive Poop: Cleaning massive poop will yield multiple small poops, but be careful as followers can get stuck in this colossal mess.

5. Poop Pet: When harvested, a poop pet will be dropped. However, this only occurs when the poop is from a follower with a specific poop skin.

6. Rainbow Poop: Harvesting rainbow poop will grant five times the usual XP for chores and instantly grow a crop when used as fertilizer.

Lore Tablets:

1. Collectible Tablets: Discover and collect 15 lore tablets scattered throughout the game world. These tablets provide additional lore and backstory, enriching the overall game experience.


Introducing new traits that add depth and personality to followers:

1. Disciple Trait: Followers with this trait can re-educate Dissenters within the cult and use special shrines to further enhance their influence over other followers.

2. Jerk Trait: These followers may jeer at the Lamb, occasionally stealing gold from them. If the Lamb fails a crusade, they will also tell the Lamb they suck.

3. Hot Tempered Trait: Followers with this trait might start fights with other followers, introducing an element of unpredictability within the cult.

4. Royal Pooper Trait: These special followers only produce golden poops, creating a valuable resource for the cult.

5. Scared Trait: Followers with the Scared Trait tend to run away from the player. They can be either bullied or reassured to keep them engaged with the cult.

6. Terrified Trait: Followers with the Terrified Trait tend to sit in the corner of the cult’s base and cry. They require extra attention and care to uplift their spirits.

7. Lustful Trait: Followers with the Lustful Trait have an increased chance of mating in the Mating Tent, leading to the hatching of new followers.

8. Celibate Trait: On the contrary, followers with the Celibate Trait have a decreased chance of mating in the Mating Tent, focusing more on other responsibilities within the cult.

9. Fashionable Trait: Followers with the Fashionable Trait generate devotion 20% faster when wearing unique outfits, adding a stylish touch to their devotion-generating abilities.

10. Hedonist Trait: These followers have a decreased productivity rate by 10% but make up for it by generating 15% more Sin.

11. Ascetic Trait: Followers with the Ascetic Trait decrease Sin generation by 10% but increase their overall productivity by 15%.

12. Virtuous Trait: Followers with the Virtuous Trait produce Sin 20% slower, reflecting their diligent and conscientious nature.

13. Unrepentant Trait: On the other hand, followers with the Unrepentant Trait produce Sin 15% faster, embodying a more rebellious and sinful nature.

14. Doctrinal Extremist Cult Trait: Cults can choose to generate Sin from the Confession Booth instead of Loyalty, reflecting their more extreme and dogmatic beliefs.

15. Violent Extremist Cult Trait: Cults with the Violent Extremist Trait have a chance of earning Sin as rewards from mini-bosses, reflecting their commitment to violence in the pursuit of their cause.

16. Fertility Cult Trait: Followers born within the Cult with the Fertility Trait will already possess a certain amount of Sin, reflecting their inherently sinful nature.

17. Allegiance Cult Trait: Followers born within the Cult with the Allegiance Trait will have high levels of loyalty, showcasing their unwavering dedication to the Cult.

18. Dissented followers: Followers who have left the cult (Dissenters) have a chance to show up inside the dungeon and fight against the player, adding a new challenge to overcome.

Twitch Integration Update:

1. Outfits for Viewer Followers: Viewers who win a follower raffle can now select a snazzy outfit for their customized follower, enhancing their engagement and visual presence within the game.

2. Mobile Support: The Twitch Integration features are now compatible with mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy all the integration’s functionality even while playing on their smartphones or tablets.

3. Additional Help/Hinder Outcomes: More outcomes have been added to the Help/Hinder system, offering viewers a varied and engaging experience as they interact with the game through Twitch.


1. Follower Level Cap: Followers can now only reach a maximum level of 10. While max-level followers can still participate in interactions and cult events that would normally increase their loyalty, their loyalty bar will no longer be displayed.

2. Balanced Enrichment Ritual: The Enrichment Ritual has been balanced to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for players.

3. Sacrificing Followers: Players will now receive a prompt indicating that sacrificing followers in certain locations will result in permanent consequences.

4. Laplace Dice: The Laplace Dice relic is now a single-use item, adding a strategic element to its usage.

5. Paean Demon: The Paean Demon will no longer give hearts while wearing the Berseker or Fragile Fortitude Fleeces, ensuring a more consistent gameplay experience.

6. Rebalancing Commandment Stones: Commandment Stones obtained through leveling of followers have been rebalanced to provide a more rewarding experience.

7. Necklace Option: The ability to remove necklaces from followers has been removed, streamlining the gameplay mechanics.

8. Skip Sermons: Players now have the option to skip sermons, saving time and allowing for a faster gameplay experience.

9. Dissenting Followers: Dissenters who have left the cult have a chance to show up in the dungeon and fight against the Lamb, introducing a new challenge and consequence related to dissent within the cult.

10. Achievements Menu: An achievements menu has been added, displaying all the unlocked achievements, allowing players to track their progress and accomplishments.

11. Fixed Confusion with End of Level Bonus Items: Various fixes have been made to address any confusion or issues related to end-of-level bonus items.

Bug Fixes:

1. Final Fight with Demons: Fixed a bug where certain demons were not joining in the final fight, ensuring a more consistent and satisfying gameplay experience.

2. Follower Questlines: Fixed certain follower questlines that were experiencing issues, ensuring a smooth progression and storytelling experience.

3. Lighting Issues: Addressed lighting issues with the blood moon ritual, ensuring accurate and visually appealing lighting effects.

4. Morgue and Crypt Fixes: Fixed issues related to the Morgue and Crypt buildings, ensuring proper functionality and eliminating any potential bugs.

5. Bird Display Issues: Fixed a bug where birds were displaying above the cult’s base in photo mode, preserving the immersive and realistic visuals.

6. Weapon Display Fixes: Fixed certain weapons that were not showing up on crusades, ensuring proper gameplay and combat immersion.

Sinful DLC Pack:

Introducing the Sinful DLC Pack, featuring exciting new content for players to enjoy:

1. 6 Unlocked Outfits: Unlock six tailor outfits to further customize the appearance of your cult members, allowing for greater visual variety and personalization.

2. 6 New Decorations: Enhance your cult’s base with six new decorations, adding aesthetic appeal and ambiance to the game environment.

3. 5 New Follower Skins: Discover five new follower skins – Tiger, Llama, Hammerhead, Ladybug, and Sphynx. These visually unique skins provide additional options to customize your cult members.

4. 1 Player Fleece: Access a special player fleece, offering unique benefits and advantages during gameplay.

Additionally, the Heretic Pack and Cultist Pack each offer two tailor outfits for further customization options.

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