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David Vonderhaar Announces Retirement from Treyarch After 19 Years: What’s Next for the Call of Duty Legend?


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David Vonderhaar Announces Retirement from Treyarch after 19 Years

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David Vonderhaar’s name was practically inseparable from the success of Treyarch’s various Call of Duty games for a long time. Vonderhaar has worked on the design front for the company ever since he began working there in 2004, having previously been employed by Activision. He has been responsible for the content of eight different Call of Duty games, including some of the most successful entries the series has ever seen.

Retirement Announcement

After over 19 years with the company, Vonderhaar just announced his retirement from Treyarch on LinkedIn, saying he’s moving on to work on an ‘undisclosed project’ that is both a rare and unique opportunity. This news came mere minutes ago. In the comments section of this piece, he was called an “integral part of Call of Duty,” which is undoubtedly accurate because he went on to develop and create additional content for the game.

Vonderhaar was the one who was in charge of creating some of the most significant aspects of some of the most successful Call of Duty games, such as Black Ops in 2010. In a post he made on LinkedIn, Vonderhaar conveyed the following heartfelt message to his audience, which included members of the Call of Duty community at large:

I want to thank everyone in the Call of Duty community for their boundless enthusiasm and devotion. This energy has frequently served as a source of motivation for both our studio as a whole and each of us as individuals. I will be forever thankful that I had the chance to engage in direct conversation with many of you, both online and in person. This vitality will always be a significant component of me.

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Unknown Future

He emphasized that he would continue to work in the gaming industry. However, it is unknown what he will be moving on now.

Rumors and Speculation

A few years ago, rumors began to spread that Vonderhaar’s status at Treyarch was in jeopardy. In 2019, certain cryptic tweets emerged that hinted at what appeared to be an impending resignation from the company. However, those tweets were immediately removed from the internet, and the situation was resolved. Vonderhaar continued to work with Treyarch for a few more years after that.

A Void for Treyarch

It is, without a doubt going to be a large void for Treyarch to fill. We would like to join the many other fans in wishing David Vonderhaar the best of luck with whatever he decides to do in the future.

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