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"DC handsome": What do they write in Russia about the scandal with Provorov in the United States


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Moscow, January 18 -/strong>. Russian defender of the NHL Philadelphia Flyers Ivan Provorov did not go to the reel before the game against the Anaheim Ducks.
It turned out that the local athlete refused to participate in the work in support of sexual minorities. The fact is that Philadelphia hockey players wear special jackets with inscriptions to support the LGBT community on the ice. The Russian, citing his religious beliefs, remained in the locker room – Provorov took part in the match, spending 22 minutes 45 seconds on the ice and ending the meeting with a utility index of +1.

© Hockey player’s social networksIvan Provorov

Ivan Provorov

Ivan Provorov
If the opinions of American fans and journalists were divided, then in Russia Twitter users supported Provorov:
  • “I’m proud. They put on a shame show, it’s going to be something we support.” (@Taliya_spb),

  • “Ivan Provorov – Capital Handsome” (@ zhichkin23);

  • “The West is no longer a dream” (@ SergeyGovorov44);

  • “It’s called, it didn’t jump and it didn’t forgive” (@bosso1972);

  • “A perfect answer that suffices (after the match)” (@feelplean17);

  • “The coach who declared his respect for Ivan Gemayel’s position” (CaesarCCFC),

  • “Provorov decided to stir up the NHL” (BloodPotion),

  • “We believe in the bravery of desperate men. Real men play hockey – gays don’t play hockey!” (@Deuterium2H);

  • “Vanya Provorov – well done!” (ulyss_es),

  • Well done real man (@8YRpZG9vb2m9WZn).

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