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Death sentence for an Egyptian who stabbed his wife to death over financial disputes


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An Egyptian court has sentenced an Egyptian citizen accused of murdering his wife to death after receiving the opinion of the Grand Mufti for his execution due to financial disputes between them in the Al-Zawiya Al-Hamra area.

The accused was subjected to an intense investigation by the prosecutor’s office, during which he confessed in detail to the murder of his victim’s wife after a verbal altercation between them that escalated into a fight, as a result of which he attacked her, inflicting several stab wounds in separate parts of the body that took her life.

The beginning was when the Al-Zawiya Al-Hamra police station received a call from one of the hospitals that the housewife had received sporadic stab wounds all over her body, “neck, chest and stomach”, which claimed her life. when trying to help her.

Through interrogation of a number of witnesses, it was established that the husband of the victim was behind her murder, and the security service went to the scene and detained the accused, who confessed in detail to the crime due to a verbal altercation. between them, which escalated into fights over financial disputes.

The necessary report was drawn up, and the prosecutor’s office conducted an investigation into the incident. The accused was charged with premeditated murder and was referred to the Northern Cairo Criminal Court, which ruled that his papers be handed over to the Mufti for a legal opinion on the case. his execution.

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