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Debunking common misconceptions about health risks


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Dr. Alexander Myasnikov debunked common misconceptions and horror stories that mobile phones cause cancer, and the absence of a hat in winter leads to baldness.

And Myasnikov points out on a TV program that the claim that mobile phones increase the risk of cancer is an old myth that began when mobile phones were large (the size of an iron) and emitted large amounts of radiation. and that was a real problem.

But modern cell phones do not pose a danger to adults. However, according to some recent studies, the radiation emitted by mobile phones can cause brain cancer in children. Therefore, it is better for them to use headphones and keep the phone away from their ears.

As for the myth that swallowing gum leads to gastritis and appendicitis, these are very rare cases.

He says: “When we swallow something, it takes 5-8 hours to leave the body. But sometimes it can lead to the formation of stones without any symptoms.” Nothing to worry about at all.

Myasnikov emphasizes that any interaction with bright screens is a strain on the eyesight. In addition, a person in the prone position looks at the TV and other electronic devices from a different angle, which means that the “eye movement muscle” is tense. Therefore, the eyes get tired quickly when using these devices in the prone position.

He says: “Everyone knows that when looking at a TV or computer and other electronic devices for a long time, it seems to a person as if there is sand in his eyes.”

Butchers emphasizes that cold does not affect hair loss from afar or from a relative.

Regarding the effect of genetically modified food on human DNA, Myasnikov says: “Theoretically, she cannot do this. In fact, we all eat foods containing genetically modified ingredients, regardless of what is written. For example, genetically modified foods include soy meat, potatoes, and apples. Can these substances change DNA? This cannot be denied or confirmed, because we do not have the experience to draw unambiguous conclusions. Currently, there is no reliable data on how genetically modified foods affect our body.

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