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Decline in Vitamin Sales Observed in Russia


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Moscow, April 7 – Sales of vitamins C, D and K, as well as multivitamins in Russia in the first quarter of 2023 decreased significantly compared to the same period last year, according to a study by Kontur.Market, the results of which are available to the News Agency.
According to the study, the most popular is vitamin C, which is commonly used to prevent viral diseases and boost the immune system. They started buying it at 11% less. Revenue from sales of this vitamin also decreased by 22%, and the average price of the drug decreased by 8% and amounted to 580 rubles.
A close second in popularity is multivitamins, essential for replenishing a potential vitamin deficiency after winter. Their sales decreased by 10%. Revenue from sales of multivitamins decreased by 14%, and the average price also decreased by 4% and amounted to 350 rubles.

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Vitamin D, which helps absorb calcium and phosphorus and strengthens bone tissue, ranks third in popularity. Its sales decreased by 10%. Vitamin D revenues decreased by 7%. At the same time, its average price was 450 rubles, which is 3% lower than in the first quarter of 2022.
Vitamin K sales fell the most, down 48%. This is a specific vitamin used to normalize blood clotting.
“It can be assumed that the decrease in sales of vitamins is due to a more balanced approach to their use. Therefore, before replenishing a possible deficiency of vitamins or trace elements, it is recommended to check their real level. To do this, you should check their real level. It is enough to pass a comprehensive blood test. Hypervitaminosis cannot be less dangerous than vitamin deficiency.It is possible that Russians have become more responsible for their health, Kontur.Market expert Daria Zhigalina comments in analyzing the data.

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